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April 25 2016



Herrajes para Puertas, Herrajes para Muebles de Cocina, China Furniture Fittings
China Cabinet Hardware

IBMH offers, from some time ago, a professional service of getting treating furniture hardware. And we are invariably investigating to discover the highest quality products and innovations which might be trend in the market

This month we highlight lift systems to lift-up doors, since, recently, in the realm of cuisine lift-up hardware already went through an incredible change, due to the trend of installing folding furniture in kitchens.

Some time ago people accustomed to believe this kind of furniture was used only in modern kitchens; however, nowadays they are a vital element in any kitchen cabinet.

This new model of lift systems to lift-up doorsis a new idea of compass more functional, light and with a stylish design, designed for opening doors in numerous versions: vertical, oblique, double door and ascending. It allows an overall total option of the interior of the cabinet. The drill scheme for mounting it is the same for all your different versions. In accordance with the weight from the doors, using the right gas springs for perfect motion of opening and closure.

Furniture Hardware

With IBMH it will be possible to import in China this economic hardware on the wholesale with reliable suppliers.


We know with accuracy the hardware suppliers that manufacture with good quality and, first and foremost, constant, however we always come up with a thorough Qc in China ahead of embarkation, to make sure completely that the hardware manufactured exactly matches the hardware initially requested. Trust us and acquire this lift-up hardware in their best version.

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